Benevolence: Extending financial help in specific instances of need

Child Care: Making available quality Christian education and supervision for children of the community (see Child Care Programs)

Education: Forming faith and making disciples of children and adults through Bible-centered study

Finance Team: Oversight and stewardship of our church’s financial resources

Friday Food Packs: Purchasing, packing, and delivering packs of food to local elementary students in need

Maintenance: Maintaining and improving our church’s facilities

Missions: Reaching people locally and abroad, in a variety of contexts and ways, with the message of Jesus (see our Missions)

Worship: Forming our people through worshiping activities, especially songs, prayers, sermons, and the Lord’s Supper

Youth Ministry: Making disciples of middle and high school students and supporting their families (see Youth Ministry)


Ministry Leaders

In addition to our elders and deacons, many of the above ministries are carried out by church members who volunteer their efforts as leaders of a ministry team or project.

  • Benevolence: Tammy Elwess and Martha Nicholls
  • Education: Sarah Jones
  • Finance: Mark Pruett
  • Friday Food Packs: Belinda Harrison
  • Missions: Linda Webster


Other Ministries in Gallatin

The following list contains some other ministries that serve the Gallatin community.

  • Gallatin C.A.R.E.S.: A non-profit, Christian benevolence organization seeking to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families who find themselves unable to meet their most basic needs (see website)
  • C.A.P. (Children Are People, Inc.): An after-school program for at-risk children of Sumner County that develops academic and life skills in order to produce responsible, self-sufficient adults (see website)
  • Good Neighbor Mission: A non-profit, United Way agency serving Sumner County residents who have lost or risk losing their home but still strive for economic self-sufficiency (see Facebook page)
  • Christian Towers and The Manor: Low-income apartments for the elderly and disabled who are still able to provide for their own health and welfare (see website)


“My Father is working until now, and I am working.” (John 5:17 ESV)